About Museummaker

About Museummaker

Museums could be incubators for the future of society, by acting right now. They can bridge the gap between a vanishing society, culture, craftsmanship and heritage and a coming age, based on nowadays turmoil & trends. Wherein technology, data and mobility put us for radical changes and ethical considerations. Thus museums should help to both reflect and initiate.
Making museums is designing society. Which doesn’t just count for brilliant new museums, but also for existing museums, archives, historical sites, castles, monuments or libraries that dare to adapt to changes in society, involving and engaging their audiences and stakeholders.

Museummaker will be scouting opportunities, developments and thought concepts. And Museummaker, aka Theo Meereboer, can be hired to help your museum change; from identity to exhibits, from DNA to social media engagement, from concept to real live communities.

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