About me

About me

In 2008 I started Museummaker, a company for idea development, museum concepts and engagement strategy for sustainable goals and held positions like

  • director of museum Natura Docet (natural history) (2020-2022), responsible for all changes, renovation, fund raising making a new policy and direction for the museum which involved Sustainable Development Goals, inclusion en decolonizing the museum, increasing amount of visitors (during covid), bringing more entrepreneurship (100% more own income).
  • ‘libero’ at the Netherlands Open air Museum in Arnhem (2019), working on the new museum vision, identity & positioning in which the Sustainable Development Goals and co=creation with the audience play a big role
  • head curator / museum affairs at Technology Museum HEIM (now OYFO) (2016), responsible for the integration of art, music and technology in education and heritage for the to be renovated museum
  • quartermaker / head of museum at the Municipality Museum in Weesp.

From 1986 til 1999 I worked as a writer, musician and artist; making exhibitions that aimed at in depth interaction with audiences amnd co-organizing and presenting cultural festivals. Meanwhile I earned a living doing many jobs like being journalist and copywriter, but also as an international truck driver.

Then I saw the possibilities of internet for education and interaction. Within a year I made a career from being a webdesigner to project manager, working for Dutch television and brands like Heineken and KPN. A change in the company to being part of a television production company, made me art director and concept developer, working on the interactive department for many tv programs and again brands like Heineken, NGO’s like Plan International and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Not long after that I became editor in chief of two (educational) children’s magazines (Bobo – pre school, ZoZitDat?! – popular science) at Sanoma Publishers in the Netherlands. I renewed the magazines, made them more interactive and more profitable.
Thenreafter I returned to the cultural sector, working at Tinker Imagineers as a conceptdeveloper, advising on sustainability, experience design and innovation.
Meanwhile I founded and manage Heritage 2.0 (erfgoed 2.0), a knowledge network for heritage professionals, ErfgoedZaak (heritage business & entrepreneurship), Inheritage.eu (heritage interpretation for archeology and historic sites), Collectiewijzer (network for collection care, management and knowledge). I was a member of the Innovation Council Public Libraries (Royal Dutch Library), and board member of several foundations.
At present I still work as a consultant, speaker and trainer, in the Netherlands and internationally. I am also guest lecturer at the Reinwardt Academy in Amsterdam and at master Art Education at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Tilburg.